Kompressorteknik Marine

We are marine refrigeration specialists mainly within the cruise industry. Service, remanufacture and maintenance as well as installation of chiller units are our everyday work. We know that now, more than ever, the reduction of energy consumption and meeting the environmental regulations are key.

The cooling systems must not fail on board cruise ships. It can jeopardize the safety of passengers and spoil food worth millions. Therefore, the cruise industry works a lot with preventive maintenance of the units. We service according to the prescribed interval, have technicians on board to do so-called performance checks. This means that we record and calculate the efficiency of the HVAC unit and the refrigeration compressor to see what required actions needs to be taken.

We make it efficient

Reduce your ships HVAC energy concumptions
by up to 50% with Kompressorteknik Marine

Products & Services

Onboard Services

Flexible service with experienced engineers & technicians from Europe and the USA.

Rebuild & Conversions

System conversions and upgrades, help with classification and certification when upgrading pressure vessels, etc.

Spare Parts

Spare parts for chiller units, filters, valves, expansion valves, gaskets, sensors etc.


Replacement of obsolete control systems and unit components


Specialized workshop and refrigeration compressor exchange program covering + 20 brands

Engineering Services

Annual budgets and planning consulting services and Energy optimization